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Advice & Consulting

The staff of AppGenie is capable, professional and their many years of experience with internet-related projects puts them in the best position to assist and advice you. We deliver solid strategic, technical and communication advice that we implement together with you. 

AppGenie has a large diversity of specialities as a result of which our people are available for several projects. This can vary from a strategic reorientation to coupling several systems and from search engine optimisation to creative brainstorm sessions.

We can assist you in the following trajects

Strategy development, implementation of on-line models and/or strategic interpretation.

Business integration, business processing or business (re-)engineering,  using existing systems and new opportunities.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • inventory
  • technical advice
  • training
  • implementation

Development, technical reports, support with network and database systems

Communication, marketing & sales

  • on-line actions 
  • design
  • iPhone, iPad and  Android applications
  • website research

But we can also deliver hands-on profiles for:

  • Business (re)enginering
  • Software development
  • Business development
  • On-line communication
  • ICT support

Would u like to know more about our advice or consultancy for your company ? We would love to shed some more light on our services in a personal interview. You can leave us a note via our contact form or call us.

Ask us about our consulting services where we go a step further and dedicate ourselves to your business concept and business processes with amazing technology solutions that will enhance and ensure your market position.

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