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Quick Response Code (QR)

Link off-line and on-line

qr.pngA QR-Code is a two-dimensional hyphen code. QR stands for Quick Response code.

The user scans the QR-Code with its camera in its device and is referred to a mobile website.

This links off-line and on-line: consumers see for example an advertisement in a daily newspaper with a QR-Code. With a simple operation they can be referred to the mobile website. There they read more information concerning the product/service or they place an order directly.

For whom is the QR-Code suitable?

Each modern smartphone equipped with a camera can use a QR-Code. It is possible with a range of applications which are available for each brand and type. The QR-Code can be used in advertisements, on packing, in commercials and in all conceivable other initiatives. A good example is a product which has on its packing a QR-Code with a link to the user manual of the concerning product.

You can build your own QR-Code here.

AppGenie helps you to implement the QR-Code for you. We ensure that the user can download the correct application for reading QR-Codes and for good measuring of the number of scans of the code. Thus real-time you can see on which location the codes are scanned. Moreover we can ensure that dynamically you can modify the content of pages where the user is referred to. Ask us for our possibilities! 

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