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Our approach

Our approach is unique and standardized. We always work following our standard quality procedures guaranteeing you the best result within a reasonable timeframe. By using our open-source based technology and software developments we tackle easily the slightest problem and create solutions that are affordable.

Our procedure follows 5 steps towards your own and unique mobile application made by AppGenie.


Phase 1 request for a quote and analysis

After receiving your request for a quote we analyze your idea. On the basis of the information provided by you we will estimate the cost and time path.

7b.png  Phase 2 Technical design

We create a document that lays-out the app. This document contains illustrations and a description of all functionalities needed. Before any developing takes place, you will have certainty about the look and feel of your app.

4b.png Phase 3 Technical development

Our Mobile applications team develops the app following the first document. Our experience guarantees quality and facilitates fast work. This way tailor-made work stays affordable.

5b.png Phase 4 Testing

When developing has reached an advanced state, we will send you a working test version. You can give feedback and propose adjustments. The development is finished when you are satisfied with the result.


9b.png Phase 5 Implementation

To publish an app in the app store requires a complicated procedure, whereby all standards of Apple regulations have to be fulfilled (only for iPhone en iPad applications). Our clients are delighted that we publish the app for them. Publishing the app is for this reason part of our service.



Phase 6 App & mobile website marketing (optional)

Your app needs to be noticed! We can guide and help you after implementation to market your app. Within this service we provide keywords for better ranking, we announce your app in press, blogs and social media.  Ask us about app marketing!

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