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Create an iPad application

iPad1.pngWhere do you start?

What is possible and what are the costs? Is there a difference between an iPhone app and an iPad app? Does your app need to function on different platforms at the same time?

iPad development is often seen as an extension of the know-how used for iPhone development. There are quite some differences, nevertheless. iPad development is destined for another target group and gives you different applications following the use of the tablet. Some iPhone apps are not usable due to the large screen. These apps need to be rebuild sometimes from scratch. Some apps for iPad will never be used on the iPhone.

We are gladly willing to help you out with these questions. We think with you to create the app that gives your company that competitive advantage. Contact us!

Quality and estimated cost

AppGenie accepts no compromise on the highest standard of quality and quality control. This is your guarantee for success. We develop the app in close cooperation with you, we create a magic window towards the user through a fitting interface matching today’s requirements, we add innovative functionalities and last but not least we deliver services to make sure your app runs smoothly.

Estimated cost of app development:

To enter the world of mobile applications and to make a good start we can deliver you a simple app with limited functionality. Users can get your company information, a few extra functionalities regarding the company and a contact form. A fine way to present yourself. This kind of starter app starts from 1.000 euro.

You want to take it a step further and offer a broad range of functionalities? A tailor-made app with functionalities such as picture and video streams, interactive animations, multilingual text, GPS and maps functionality, integration of social media, augmented reality, push messages and in-app purchases cost between 2.000 and 5.000 euro.

An extended tailor-made app with several extra functionalities as described above and personalized starts from 5.000 euro. Following the trend of individualization of content, advanced apps are possible with login features and user-preferred content. Complex apps with an extensive list of functionalities and animations starts from 7.500 euro. A good example is an in company app in direct connection with back-end systems, whereby data is securely exchanged. 

Ask & try us

Our guaranteed approach, our quality standards and sharp prices in combination with the close cooperation with the client makes AppGenie your perfect partner for iPad development. We put your idea into a downloadable app in the app store. A high-quality tailor-made app is feasible and within reach of every enterprise that wants to join the wave of mobile communication.

We are looking forward to meet you and discuss iPad app development by AppGenie.

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