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Create a mobile website

Mobile websites are an excellent way to introduce your company in the on-line mobile web through devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile websites are adapted for mobile devices and a cheaper alternative compared to mobile apps. Your mobile website is perfectly adapted in technical design and interface for the internet browser of mobile devices. They will not be available in the app store.

As mentioned before, the mobile web will become more and more dominant. The number of smartphone and tablet users is growing at an amazing speed and your on-line presence is determined by mobile websites, adapted for the mobile web and mobile applications to be found in the app store. Your mobile website will be your business card that prospects can view via their tablets and smartphones.

Creating a mobile site with AppGenie saves you money and gives a sublime mobile web presence. A minimal investment can create a major impact for your prospects and future clients. It will guarantee you the best results and a fine return on investment.

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Quality and estimated cost

Mobile websites follow AppGenie high-quality standards and quality control. They are powered by AppGenie TrueID open source based technology via AppGenie access. This is your guarantee for success. We develop the website in close cooperation with you, we create a magic window towards the user through a fitting interface matching today’s requirements and last but not least we deliver services to make sure your website runs smoothly.

AppGenie creates a 5 pages mobile website with look & feel template at an estimated cost of 1.000 to 2.000 euro. This is a good way to present yourself on the mobile web for an affordable price and powered by AppGenie TrueID.

Ask & try us

Our guaranteed approach, our quality standards and sharp prices in combination with the close cooperation with the client makes AppGenie your perfect partner for mobile website development. We put your idea into a mobile website that can be viewed via the internet browser of smartphones and tablets. A high-quality tailor-made mobile website is feasible and within reach of every enterprise that wants to join the wave of mobile communication.

We are looking forward to meet you and discuss mobile website development by AppGenie.

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